Debra Prather

Debra Prather (pronounced pray-ther) is a Gospel Inspirational Recording Artist and Songwriter based in Atlanta, GA. She has performed for more than 30 years and is currently promoting the release of her latest album "Grace" in cities throughout the country. Grace features a culmination of tracks built on her personal walk of faith and ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Debra’s inspirational sound crosses many genres of music including classic R&B, Country, Jazz and Contemporary Christian.

My Testimony
I am a woman who loves, loves, loves serving God through music. I have always been an energetic, enthusiastic and happy person, and I never met a stranger who didn’t become a friend.
With respect to my passion for music, I didn't have a choice in the matter growing up in Oxford, Mississippi in a musical family. Music is all I've ever known. My father, the late Rev. Cassie Bonner, Sr, was called into the ministry before I was born. He was passionate about preaching God's word and music. At the age of two I was singing in the church before he preached. My home was full of music and learning the Word of God. This was our way of life. People were always coming and going for home fellowship, singing, bible study and the good food provided by my mother, Marguerite. Those were “the days of used to be,” and that was my environment; all day and night singing and harmonizing songs. My father instilled music in me and my siblings, and we loved it.
When we were young, my three brothers and two cousins formed a singing group and toured throughout the South. I sang lead. My dad was my inspiration. He could preach, sing and play the piano. He was a Gospel singing preacher. He truly did it all; he was everything to me.
Early in my music career, I participated in a number of competitions and talent shows and won every one of them. I recorded at Rust College, a local HBCU in Holly Springs, MS. Some of the best singing groups recorded there. Performing came easy for me until two weeks before my sixteenth birthday when my father passed away. My world crumbled. Heartbroken, I decided that I wouldn't love anyone else nor sing again. I withdrew from the world and didn't want to interact with anyone. But God! God didn't allow me to stay in that place of hurt for too long. I knew the word of God; His word was in me. God sent a young man named Roy Prather, who has been my best friend, husband and manager for nearly forty years. 
God's grace and mercy kept me through my life's journey as a singer, songwriter, wife, mother, sister and a true believer of Christ. I'm ready to once again spread God's word with the release of my new album "Grace" in stores June 16.  To God be the glory.

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“Open Heart” 

“Light of The World"


“Get On Board” 


“He’s Coming Back”  


“I Got Shoes”